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How to Be a Christian in Today's World kindle & phone cover

How to Be a Christian in Today’s World

Is it possible to embrace faith and lead a Christian life in today’s modern world? This is the question at the heart of How to Be a Christian in Today’s World, an indispensable guide for...

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Ossi kindle & phone cover


Ossi is a young Israeli woman who was raised in a Jewish home in Jerusalem. Those who touched her life – the sadistic but charming Udi who dominated her life, and the gentle protector Uri,...

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The Palm Beach P.I. back cover

The Palm Beach P.I.

The Palm Beach P.I. aims to be more than just a collection of crazy cases and stories from my career. By sharing my personal experiences, I hope to convey the journey of Faith, Redemption, Love,...

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The Sacred Bond kindle & phone cover

The Sacred Bond

The Sacred Bond celebrates the unconditional love and respect between humans and cattle. A collection of 12 inspiring tales that explores the serendipitous interactions resulting in the creation of loving friendships between humans, cows and...

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I Need a Smoke kindle & phone

I Need a Smoke

Leianne McNair, mother of four and grandmother of three, managed to handle the cards that were dealt to her with grace and acceptance. Throughout her life, she experienced what it was like to be impoverished...

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Where Dead Things Grow kindle & phone cover

Where Dead Things Grow

Exposed. I speak freely, spilling words, once kept, that I now share. Poets, we cannot be contained in what we share. Every emotion is magnified by our lives. Even ones that we have never lived....

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Love Unconditionally

If you had to describe your life’s goal in one sentence, what would it be? For me, it is simple: To learn how to love and accept myself unconditionally. It is easy to get lost...

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Princess Josie

A very exciting fictional children’s book will tell the story of a princess who loves to play with mood and run wild in the field. princess josie does not feel constricted by her title, and...

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Falling into Krystal

After failing a high school math test, Bella goes for a much-needed hike in the hills alongside her favourite beach. She hikes further than ever that day, dreading having to tell her Mom about the...

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Spite Work kindle & phone cover

Spite Work

Spite Work is the unorthodox tale of a prodigal finding faith. As Jonah ran from God, the author recounts a similar path to redemption peppered with humor, irreverence and love. No two redemption stories are...

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In the Path of a Pandemic kindle & phone cover

In the Path of a Pandemic

While the West was rife with social injustice, beset with epidemics and political upheavals, Africa was set in the path of a pandemic. Only the special skills of two very special agents could save her...

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Buried Treasure kindle & phone cover

Buried Treasure

A 4 year old girl is used for her purity and innocence by the people that she trusts the most. Not all are performing the act, they just aren’t helping. Now, a married mother of...

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