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Our production managers committed to successful publishing process. We are taking our authors’ step by step from a ready manuscript to a physical book that you can hold in your hand, read it digitally on a kindle or any other device or listen as an audiobook.

A collaboration with us is an investment in your long term success. We can cooperate with your marketing and publicity teams to create a cohesive and powerful book launch.

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How it works?

This is the ideal package for an author confident in their manuscript who only needs an AI proofread, maybe a couple of design edits, and is otherwise ready to print - and would like to take advantage of our competitive pricing and first-rate distribution channels. Your own devoted production manager means you’re assured that the publishing process will go smoothly and quickly.

This package is for an author who needs editing and design help before their manuscript is ready to print, but would like the personal attention to detail at an affordable rate. Hybrid proofreading gets both AI and seasoned professionals to take a deeper look at your manuscript. Your own personal production manager can help you with design customization of your book cover, interior formatting, and general oversight of your publishing project to help you get your book ready as efficiently as possible to be distributed by our first-rate channels.

This is the full-service package for an author who needs help with editing, design and beyond, but wants all the bells and whistles of a publishing house at a fraction of the price. Hybrid proofreading means your manuscript gets several reads before print, your assigned production manager can help you with all the design elements (cover, interior formatting, etc.), and to aid with sales once your book is being distributed worldwide by our first-rate channels, we even provide marketing tools such as your book’s own landing page and banner ads.

First, you will be able to choose your book front cover format - you can either choose from templates that BooxAI provides or upload your own. Next, you can choose your book dimensions. You’ll also have the option of using BooxAI to design your back cover by including a book description, short bio, and author headshot photograph, or upload your own design. During this step, you’ll also be able to choose from different interior formatting options for your manuscript. 

Lastly, you can upload your manuscript. It’s okay if it hasn’t been professionally proofread - we have several options for in-house proofreading that you can utilize before moving on to production.

Once you have submitted all the pertinent information, designs, and manuscript, you will be assigned a devoted production manager who will then look over your submissions, and be your point person. We will send you any changes we detect need to be made, highlighted as suggestions for your approval. You are 100% in control of deciding what suggestions to accept or reject.

After the manuscript is proofread, your production manager will collaborate with you on accommodating any special design or formatting requests so your book will have the look and feel you’re envisioning. Once you have given your final approval of all content, design and formatting of your book, we’ll distribute the book over 100+ channels and print any amount of copies you would need.

What does it include?

  • Dedicated production manager
  • Cover design
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting
  • Print-on-demand
  • eBook
  • ISBN x2
  • Metadata optimization
  • 100+ distribution channels

What our clients say about us?


finally!! After all the searching and quarrying and IUniverse type publishing houses I found the best publishing house on the planet! Booxai is the real deal. Great customer service along with AI editing and proof reading plus front and back cover design. Not only that but they also…

I'm delighted

I’m delighted. My experience with Booxai has been very good so far. My account manager has gone the extra mile, ensuring my foreign language phrases are accurate. It’s still early days, but I’m confident Booxai is delivering on their promise…

I had a very positive..

I had a very positive experience with Booxai. My project manager, Sandra, was responsive and supportive. She answered any and all questions I had. My book arrived today and I’m thrilled with the result…

Highly Recommended

This is my first attempt at publishing a book fortunately I came across BOOXAI, which made the learning experience joyful and rewarding. The staff is very professional and prompt, detailed actions in a timely fashion. I highly recommend…

Very pleased with BooxAI

I have been very pleased with Booxai. They have and continue to do a great job. I have published two novels with them. I would definitely recommend their services. I would like to send a great big thank you to Reena, Adam, the book cover designer, and the entire Booxai team…

BooxAI is the BEST!

NOBODY can do what these marvelous folks can do for wanna-be authors! I kicked this idea around for nearly two decades and there was never a good time to spend what other companies wanted. BOOXAI makes DREAMS come true and I am elated to have used them…

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