Women Make It Happen

Vana Enlightens

Women Make It Happen

Vana Enlightens

Consciously grow into a woman who understands the power of her mind and gets things done – Keep reading to learn powerful lessons in personal success and spirituality!
Behind every success story lies love, compassion, and power – not just love and compassion for others and power over everything else, but also for the self. When we cultivate these things inside us, it’s easy to grow into an intelligent, courageous, strong woman who knows her truth and makes things happen for herself.

But, like all things, creating the life you deserve is neither fast nor easy, but it is worth it.
The question that now comes begging is: Where do you even begin? As you go through the pages of this book, keep an open mind and be ready to learn life skills that will enable you to emerge into greatness.

ISBN: 9789655780963



Publish date

February 6th, 2023