BooxAI vs Scribe: Which Company Serves Non-Fiction Writers Better?

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BooxAI vs Scribe

Note: Because Scribe Media only publishes non-fiction, we will be focusing on comparing the two companies under the assumption you are publishing non-fiction. Please check out our other articles in our comparison series, where we do side-by-side comparisons of BooxAI and other top self-publishing companies like Bookbaby and Kindle Direct Publishing.

BooxAI vs Scribe: In the digital age of self-publishing, there are many steps authors have to take on between finishing the final draft of their manuscript and sending your book out for distribution. Editing, proofreading, and the design and formatting of the cover and interior of your book are all essential steps to the production process – but they are typically aspects to book production that the author then delegates to literary and design professionals. 

Thankfully, in the ever-growing self-publishing industry, several companies offer packages that include editing and design services. As an author, it can be daunting to find the right service for your needs – for instance, BooxAI is a one-stop shop for all steps in the publishing process, while Scribe is an editorial and production service that gets your digital manuscript ready for distribution. Let’s compare the two companies so that you can figure out which may best serve your publishing needs.

BooxAI vs Scribe: BooxAI Pricing:

Scribe Media:

BooxAI’s packages are a small fraction of the price in comparison to Scribe Media’s options, which start in the low five figures. This is because the services that BooxAI provide are differently tiered than with Scribe. BooxAI offers a low-tier, DIY package where BooxAI handles ISBN, metadata, and distribution. For authors who have hired their own editing and design team, this is a very competitively priced bundle that allows your book to be distributed on dozens of platforms and printed on demand for under $300. This is optimal if you are also planning on working with an independent marketing team and are utilizing BooxAI mostly for production and distribution.

Scribe Media’s first tier, which starts at $24,000, also includes editing and proofreading, book design, the IBSN/metadata and distribution – the same promises BooxAI makes in their lowest tier package. Scribe Media’s lowest tier actually lines up similarly to BooxAI’s highest tier in services rendered, which still only costs $2449 (including a five year subscription to BooxAI’s distribution services) vs Scribe’s $24,000. 

If you are an independent author, dropping the kind of money Scribe’s services ask for might be unrealistic for your budget. Conversely, BooxAI make publishing competitively priced, with a hands-on production manager to help you through the process, regardless of which package you utilize. 

So, why are Scribe’s prices more than 10 times that of BooxAI? 

Scribe boasts a top-line design team.

Hundreds of their books have been world best-sellers, and it is no coincidence – they have a team of experienced designers crafting an artful cover for your book that is sure to compete in retail. Bestselling book covers crafted by Scribe’s design team include Can’t Hurt Me; Zero to One; I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell; Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea; and Choose Yourself, among others.

Scribe’s edit and proofreading include line-editing.

It’s important to have an editor who can make sure your work is cohesive, clear and readable on a technical level. In addition, Scribe specifically includes line editing in their packages, which focuses on the content, style and language of your manuscript. Much like having an experienced designer working on your book cover, a line editor will have an eye for what meets the industry standard in tone, and will be able to offer a more in-depth examination of your manuscript with suggestions on how to improve your writing voice – kind of like having a professional assessment with a writing coach.

Scribe has a devoted marketing team that will handle social media posts, email marketing, schedule interviews for you, and more.

Scribe marketing services include more than just advertisements – they are willing to be your publicist, marketing strategist and business manager for a month after your book drops. These services easily cost thousands of dollars on their own, so it makes sense that their inclusion in Scribe’s package would contribute to Scribe’s hefty pricing.

Scribe does not take a cut of your royalties.

While BooxAI gives authors 70% of royalties for their books (minus the print cost), Scribe’s price tag also essentially serves as a hire buyout – the upfront cost means they don’t take a cut of what you make.

Though it may be tempting to put all your faith (and money) in a company like Scribe Media, here are some advantages to publishing your book with BooxAI:

Expected turnaround for your book is only 8-12 days.

While Scribe’s platform takes at least 6 months to get your book in stores, BooxAI promises excellent customer service, working to get your book published in less than two weeks. This is partially possible because of BooxAI’s revolutionary, AI-powered editing and design, which greatly reduces labor and production costs.

You don’t have to pay for print costs or a royalty buyout upfront.

As mentioned before, part of the reason why Scribe is so expensive is because they make the assumption that you’ll want at least 100 physical softcover books, and that your sales will warrant a significant revenue. BooxAI offers digital only, print on demand options that ensure that even if you were to print 100 books, you would still only need to pay a fraction of the cost, and for those who are only creating a digital version of their book, that cost is omitted entirely.

BooxAI’s packages give you a better chance to make back the money you invested in publishing, even with smaller runs.

Paying upfront for printing can be wishful thinking, and if you’re a first time author, “pay as you go” print on demand can end up saving you a lot of money. As for royalties, you would need to sell nearly 10,000 books to make back your upfront costs with Scribe. With BooxAI, you are guaranteed to make back your money within as little as your first 100 book sales. If you’re only doing digital book sales, that number decreases even further.

BooxAI vs Scribe

BooxAI is one of the most affordable options in the self-publishing industry. 

Between having a personal production manager, to managing distribution, BooxAI offers competitive pricing across the board for all of its services. Using AI technology as well as a devoted in-house team ensures they are able to get your book ready to print faster and cheaper than ever before.

It’s reasonable to expect that you shouldn’t have to take out a loan in order to get published. It’s important for publishing to be affordable, because it helps even the playing field for authors who might not have the means, otherwise. 

Scribe Media’s initial costs are insurance that the books they publish not only meet industry standard, but their own, as well – they become a full-service, on demand publishing house. However, it may suit your own creative process and style to find your own team for elements like design, literary editing, or marketing – in which case, the packages offered by BooxAI make more sense. However you choose to continue your self-publishing journey, we are lucky to have a myriad of options at our disposal, and hopefully, one that suits your goals as an author.

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