BooxAI vs Which Should You Choose?

Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson
Content Writer @BooxAI

These days, authors no longer need a major publishing plaform to be successful. In just the past few years, many authors have been able to produce professional-quality, competitive books at a fraction of the cost. With self-publishing continuing to grow at a rate of 40% in 2018 according to Proquest affiliate Bowker, it’s clear that the publishing industry is in transition.

If you are looking to become a published author yourself, BooxAI vs, these are just two of the many self-publishing platforms out there to consider. They offer a variety of services and benefits, though some may suit your needs better than others. This article compares the two platforms to help you decide which one might be the better choice for you.

BooxAI vs

BooxAI is a publishing platfrom established in 2013, offering publishing-related services such as editing, proofreading, layout, bookbinding, illustration, design, printing, online distribution, and more. Their mission is to be a one-stop shop, so authors don’t have to go anywhere else to obtain the publishing services they need. BooxAI offers its services in bundles: (1) Distribution and (2) Print-on-demand and eBook.

Basic Yearly Plan

For authors who either have a book ready to go or just need a final touch-up on their design and manuscript BooxAI offers a basic plan that covers the bases from production ([db_wc_production_price id=”6852″]) to distribution (monthly subscription starting at $20/month):

  • Basic cover design
  • AI-based proofreading
  • Formatting
  • Print-on-demand
  • eBook
  • ISBN x2
  • Metadata optimization
  • 100+ distribution channels
  • Dedicated production manager

We’ll break this down in more detail: 


Because the BooxAI Distribution Bundle comes with two ISBNs, you can have your print-on-demand book and the eBook ready to go. Because ISBNs are unique identifiers, you’ll need them for every book format and edition. Currently, buying a single ISBN from Bowker, (the official US agency providing these numbers) costs $125. These numbers are cheaper in bulk, but unless you plan on publishing multiple books in one go, you may not need to buy that many.

Book metadata optimization

As part of the Distribution Bundle, BooxAI will take care of your metadata to make your book more visible across platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, library catalogs, bookstores, and more. Metadata includes your title, subtitle, genre, subgenre, book descriptions, author bios, category codes (i.e., BISAC), book cover image, price, and target market.

100+ distribution channels

BooxAI has an impressive distribution network that includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Adlibris, and Bookazine to name a few. Many self-published authors make a common mistake: selling only through Amazon, which means you risk not reaching other potential readers. 

Print-on-demand & eBook Bundle

With packages starting at [db_wc_production_price id=”6852″], BooxAI’s production bundle helps authors with everything from proofreading to printing: (1) basic cover design, (2) proofreading, (3) formatting, (4) two ISBNs, (5) print-on-demand printing, and (6) eBook conversion.

Proofreading and Formatting

Once you submit your manuscript, BooxAI will give proofreading and formatting suggestions. It will be run through their AI proofreading tools to perform a thorough analysis of the manuscript. Afterward, their editing team will have a second review of the manuscript to make suggestions. You are in full creative control, and can always decide what to accept or reject when it comes to your content and formatting. 

Basic Cover Design

Book covers are critical, and they can make or break a sale. BooxAI helps you figure out the design elements that suit your book and will help it sell the most. Most professional book cover designs have fees ranging from $250 to $500, depending on design complexity. This bundle can be a way to save money on production costs, as well as time spent looking for a designer independently. is a school for people looking to write, market, and publish their own books. They offer one-on-one tailored coaching, regular group coaching, weekly live chat support, and exclusive discounts to help their members in their quest to be published. Here are some of the most popular services offered by

Coaching Programs

Whether you are looking to scale your business by writing a book, start a full-time fiction author career, or publish a memoir about your life story, has specific programs to help you get from point A to point B. Each course costs $6,000. Here are some of the courses that they offer:

  • Become a Bestseller
  • Fundamentals of Fiction
  • Children’s Book School
  • Full-Time Fiction
  • Publicity & Speaking
  • Course Building for Authors
  • Sell More Books

1. Book profit calculator

This book profit calculator helps you decide which publishing option is best for you and how much money you’ll make in royalties.

2. Book title generator

This non-fiction book title generator gives you possible title ideas based on your given topic to help your creative juices flowing, so you can come up with the best book title.

3. Writing prompt generator

This writing prompt generator gives you 200 prompts to help you get started on your fiction or non-fiction book. Simply pick the genre, leave your contact information, and press generate. vs. BooxAI: Which Should You Choose?

boxer vs is an education-based website with informative training programs and resource guides to help authors make informed choices on how to self-publish. In contrast, BooxAI is a publishing platform with self-publishing services like editing, proofreading, formatting, distribution, and more.
You will need to pay a one-time membership fee to receive training for a course, while BooxAI will require you to purchase a package for your desired bundled services. Though BooxAI and are two very different platforms, they both offer services to help independent writers become published authors.

While it is beneficial to learn and understand the intricacies of publishing a book, doing everything by yourself can be downright stressful. If it is important for you to gain the knowledge to embark on the publishing process on your own, may be for you. On the other hand, BooxAI takes the burden off the author’s shoulders – you only need to submit a manuscript and fill out an online form customizing your book, and BooxAI will do the rest. It’s almost like getting the guidance of a traditional publishing house but still having complete control of your book’s publication.

Whatever your goals and preferences may be, there has never been a better time to get published. Authors can take comfort in the variety of self-publishing options available, and do their research to find a company that best suits their needs.

Content Writer @BooxAI
Ben Anderson is a content writer at BooxAI, he become known for his versatile writing and ability to engage readers. Ben’s content not only aligns with BooxAI’s mission but also brings fresh and diverse viewpoints, enriching the company’s narrative and outreach.