Can You Publish a Book Quickly?

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This Publishing Company Boasts A Superior Product In Less Than 30 Days. 

(Here’s How They Slaughter The Competition)

The self-publishing industry is growing rapidly, offering opportunities to ‘Publish a Book Quickly’, and it’s easy to see why – publishing houses are struggling to maintain their dominance, when authors no longer have to go through the slog of submitting their material to several companies, only to be rejected. Nowadays, you have your pick of several online companies willing to take your manuscript as long as your digital files meet certain formatting requirements.

Though self-publishing is becoming the preferred route for emerging authors, there are certain setbacks. Usually, the biggest source of stress in self-publishing is financial – once you have found the editors, graphic designers, distributors, and retailers for your manuscript, you might stop dead in your tracks to realize that between building your team and getting your book printed, the cost really adds up. Even with DIY publishing strategies like uploading your manuscript to the Kindle database or boutique companies that allow small batch printing, you will undoubtedly end up spending thousands of dollars before you ever make a cent back.

The other resource that publishing ravages is time. The editing process alone can take months, and typically, self-publishing companies take several months to edit, proofread, design, and print copies of your book. 

Publish a Book Quickly With BooxAI

Publish a Book Quickly With BooxAI

Enter the newest kid on the block – BooxAI Publishing. Not only does BooxAI guarantee the most competitive prices in the industry, but in a fraction of the time. BooxAI is a full-stop publishing company that delivers cover design, proofreading, formatting, even marketing and distribution services – and boasts the ability to accomplish this in as quick as less than 30 days.

But is it possible to have your book and read it, too? How is speed publishing even possible, and how does the quality of BooxAI’s services compare?

The reason BooxAI can produce affordable products in a short amount of time without sacrificing quality is simply in the name – AI. Utilizing a revolutionary piece of algorithm technology, an author can submit their manuscript to be proofread in seconds. Even more impressive, the AI “learns” your writing style, and can better detect and anticipate corrections with each pass – making every potential publishing experience with BooxAI even faster.

Having a “digital” pair of eyes to do a first glance read-through in milliseconds allows BooxAI to cut down on labor costs considerably. In addition to this powerful technology, BooxAI has an in-house staff of professional editors, designers, and publishing gurus to help authors in every step of the publishing process to ensure that the quality of their product meets industry standards. With personal attention from their own team of publishing professionals, BooxAI feels more like a publishing plafrom and less like a DIY, plug-and-go option for independent authors. Also, instead of having to play project manager and coordinate every working piece of the publishing puzzle by themselves, writers have one point person – a BooxAI production manager – who works with the creative team on their behalf. Between super-fast editing automation and a devoted production manager, an author can go from a finished manuscript to fully published in a little over a week. 

And once your book is printed and ready to be sold, BooxAI has one more time-saving advantage at an author’s disposal – an extensive list of well-known retailers (over 100 online bookstores including Baker Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Bam, Books Express, and Amazon) working directly with BooxAI’s distribution channels. As with production, the distribution aspect of self-publishing is something an author can have BooxAI handle across the board, and have worldwide reach. 

BooxAI’s business model solves a lot of the bigger problems that independent authors face.
A fully AI-driven publishing industry is looking more likely in coming years. BooxAI seems to be leading the charge, which gives the company an overwhelming edge over its competitors.

Content Writer @BooxAI
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