A Guide to Intellectual Property: Frequently Asked Questions

You may be surprised to know that once you have written even just a portion of your book, your book is automatically copyrighted – that means, you have full ownership of your book, which grants you the exclusive right to reproduce the work, prepare derivative works, distribute copies for sale or trade (or even transfer […]

How to Design a Book Cover

How to Design a Book Cover Admit it, you’ve walked through the aisles of your local bookstore and picked up the most interesting-looking book based only on its cover design. When you think about it, bookstores work a lot like groceries: Products with the best packaging sell. This article will take you through the how’s, […]

Writing Text on the Back of the Book

So you just finished writing your novel, your query letter was approved, and you’re almost ready to publish it. But wait, what about the back of the book? Oh man, you’re in a pickle. Why Is This Important? The back of your book is one of the most important things to think about because it […]