How Does BooxAI Work?

How Does A Publishing House Work?

How Does A Publishing House Work?

BooxAI is a veteran publishing house powered by a dedicated production team and cutting-edge AI technology. Using our relationships with publishers around the world, we guarantee the widespread distribution of your work – while making the journey stress-free, convenient and cost-effective. All you need to do is provide your manuscript and specify your preferences, and your production manager will be in touch to walk you through every step of the process.

We understand that most authors want to spend their time writing, rather than on the publishing process. Unlike other publishers, we won’t make you wait for months – our average processing time is between 8 to 12 days. Here’s how the entire process works:

1. Select a product

First, choose a product type. You can select eBook, Print on Demand, or both. Once the purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email containing your unique Order ID. Then, you will be directed to a digital form to customize your book. In addition to unparalleled industry prices, we are currently offering a variety of promotional discounts, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Describe and Share the Book

The next step is to fill out this simple, yet comprehensive form, accessible from the checkout page or your confirmation email. Here, you’ll share the book manuscript and specify key characteristics, such as contact information, cover style, book title, book dimensions, author name, vita, language, keyword tags, formatting, layout, and other basic information. There are pre-defined options for many of the fields, which means filling out the form shouldn’t take long.

3. Manuscript Proofreading

At this stage, a dedicated production manager is assigned. The proofreading process begins, and state-of-the-art AI proofreading tools perform a thorough analysis of the script. All of the AI suggestions are then manually reviewed by a team of proofreaders, and the updated manuscript with highlighted changes is sent over for your approval. You are in complete control of deciding what to accept or reject.

4. Cover Design

The next phase is finalizing the cover design. The importance of a good cover cannot be emphasized enough. Here, our experienced production managers review the existing cover (if available) and share their recommendations for improving it. We also have a rich database of images, and can assist you in selecting the best cover image for your book.

5. Formatting

Once the book manuscript and cover designs are finalized, the formatting stage begins. This phase is again powered by AI and supported by manual review. Our managers will collaborate with you on accommodating any special requests so the book turns out exactly the way you envision it. At this stage, you will provide your final approval, confirming the content, design and formatting of your book.

6. Print on Demand & eBook

After the formatting stage, your job is done – we’ll take it from here to get the book published. Depending on the package selected, this can involve print on demand, eBook, or both.

7. Distribution

Finally, our system generates metadata of the book and optimizes it for distribution across 100+ channels, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, BAM, Books Express, and many others. This means your book can reach a global audience in a matter of days!

How Does BooxAI Add Value?

BooxAI adds value at every stage of the publishing process. We offer unmatched prices, unbeatable publishing times, AI support, veteran product managers and dedicated customer support. Our Plans offer every possible publication-related service, such as proofreading, formatting, cover design, printing, and distribution. You may also choose from additional services, including ghostwriting, literary and linguistic editing, translation, and public relations. Once your book is finished, we provide you with one of the highest royalty shares at 70%, with BooxAI keeping 30% for our services. With full confidence in our publishing process, we proudly offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

36 Responses

    1. Hi Ray,

      We don’t distribute books to physical stores. We work via print on demand which means we print the book when there is a sale and send it to customers.

      We distribute to over 100 channels of digital stores where customers can buy a paperback or ebook.

      We hope this helps.

      1. Hi since it is Print on demand, how long from a sale to the customer to receive the book?
        Also if an author wishes to order bulk copies, what is the cost?

        1. Hi Nikki,

          The shipping depends on where the book is sold. Every shop has its own conditions.

          Unfortunately, we can’t give a price for bulk orders because this changes from book to book (print cost) and the amount you ask for.

          The maximum is 999 books per order.

    2. Your process is okay but I need to know your charge to publish book/doctorate. The book/dissertation is psychology/mental health and about 250-300 pages

    1. Hi there! Yes, it is in your hand, but there are some limitations (royalties changes based on the price, etc).

      We always give our authors our professional recommendations.

  1. Interested. I have an autobiography. What about pictures in the book. I have many to go along with the narrative.

    1. Hi Wayne,

      As long as you have the rights to use the images, you can use any photos you wish. High-resolution photos are recommended.

  2. I have 250 wild animal drawings of my art I would like to publish as a coffee table book. Can it be done by your company and how.?

    1. Hi there! Coffee table books are not our focus right now. If we happen to expand to that area we will be in touch.

  3. Other than the manuscript, what components are necessary to make sure all the required materials are present upon sending over to you the literature? In order to get the process moving along, inquiring minds want to know.

  4. I have a manuscript but have never published a book. I was in the process of copyrighting the book and got confused do you assist with this sort of thing?

  5. After one year, how much do you pay? Or can you then be independent?
    How much is it for future books written?

    1. Hi Leonarda,
      You can see the cost for one book to publish on our pricing page.

      For each book, you can choose to subscribe for more than a year when you get to the checkout.
      You can also connect us to buy the files and distribute the book on your own when the subscription ends.

    1. They go to ingram and buy your book. They work on Print on Demand model, which means they will print the book after it sells.

  6. I just finished my third novel, I have the cover and need formatting help. I have formatting,done using a template but I’m having trouble with Amazon approving the cover size. They say I need 13.250″ and my submitted cover is 13.150″, I need a price for formatting and help with cover issues. The novel pdf is 402 pages, 393 numbered, 99, 600 words. Let know if you can help me with this.

  7. I want to publish books for other authors, not just my book. How do I partner with your company to publish other authors?

  8. Im in the process of writing a childrens book and I have also illustrated the pictures to go with it, never have I published a book before, do I have a chance of getting it published?

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