The Fastest and The Most Efficient Way
to Publish Your Book

The Fastest and The Most Efficient Way
to Publish Your Book

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AI system mode

This is the ideal package for an author confident in their manuscript who only needs an AI proofread, maybe a couple of design edits, and is otherwise ready to print - and would like to take advantage of our competitive pricing and first-rate distribution channels. Your own devoted production manager means you’re assured that the publishing process will go smoothly and quickly.

Hybrid Mode

This package is for an author who needs editing and design help before their manuscript is ready to print, but would like the personal attention to detail at an affordable rate. Hybrid proofreading gets both AI and seasoned professionals to take a deeper look at your manuscript. Your own personal production manager can help you with design customization of your book cover, interior formatting, and general oversight of your publishing project to help you get your book ready as efficiently as possible to be distributed by our first-rate channels.

Premium mode

This is the full-service package for an author who needs help with editing, design and beyond, but wants all the bells and whistles of a publishing house at a fraction of the price. Hybrid proofreading means your manuscript gets several reads before print, your assigned production manager can help you with all the design elements (cover, interior formatting, etc.), and to aid with sales once your book is being distributed worldwide by our first-rate channels, we even provide marketing tools such as your book’s own landing page and banner ads.

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