Several Great Reasons to Write a Book

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Behind every novel, is another fascinating story – the journey of the writer who chose to share their insights, feelings and inner world through words. There are an endless number of circumstances and events that lead people on the path toward publishing their work, but if you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether you had what it took to be a writer, here are some reasons why you might want to give it a shot.

Your words are your legacy.

Many people remember their early childhood through the books they read, or were read to them. Books are greater than the sum of their parts; more than sentences and pages, they are other worlds that help us make sense of our own. Reading has an indelible impact on a person’s life, and the books that are cherished are often passed down through generations. Your writing has the opportunity to expand your reach and impact on others, several lifetimes over. By writing a book and publishing it, you are creating something that will last for a very long time.


Writing is healing.

Many authors testify that they began to write in times of strife. In times of crisis, sometimes people don’t have others to turn to, so they seek answers, insight, and relief from their own words. Getting your feelings off your chest and onto paper is an effective outlet for processing difficult events and circumstances. It is also comforting to note that while many stories have been born out of pain, they have given their readers pure moments of joy.  


Sharing is caring.

Writing can be an effective tool for healing. However, reading can also heal! Sharing hardship in writing can be therapeutic for both the author and the reader, giving the writer catharsis while also helping give others who may have had similar experiences a chance to be deeply seen and understood. Your words have the power to inspire, give hope, and remind others that they are not alone. 


Writing is meditation.

Meditation isn’t necessarily just sitting on the floor, closing your eyes and practicing breathing. You can find your inner zen through writing, as well. The purpose of meditation is to focus on the present, release emotions and thoughts you tend to hold on to, and cultivate more peace of mind. Putting your full concentration on writing whatever comes to mind may actually help those who struggle with meditation.There are fantastic ideas that can come out of free form writing – some that can even be turned into a book! 


Your perspective and experience has value.

Not everyone has the opportunity to develop a relationship with a mentor as they navigate their lives, career and relationships. There is an ever burgeoning industry of self-help books that aim to enlighten, offer you perspective, and grant you the wisdom that a mentor would bestow. Have you developed a method for dealing with anxiety? Do you have solid tips for investing in real estate? Have you gone on an intense spiritual journey towards enlightenment? Don’t underestimate the value of your life experience; the things you have learned could be very useful to a lot of people.



Real stories inform the world.

People who go through life-changing experiences and extraordinary events often have rare insight into the world. Some stories are instructive and raise awareness of certain issues that are not currently part of a larger conversation, yet. Your story could trailblaze an entire movement, giving the issue more attention, and the opportunity for more people to research and fund a resolution. Real stories stir the emotions of the masses, and your story could be an important and very needed call to action.


“Published Author” is a coveted title.

It is no coincidence that many professionals and celebrities publish books. Publishing a book in the field of your business helps establish your unique brand, and your elite status in the business world. Your own book is a powerful marketing tool that can open doors for you in your business’ visibility and your brand’s reputation.

Words have power – whether they are to heal, inspire, enlighten or entertain – and writing offers both the writer and the reader an essential connection to their own compassion and humanity. 


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