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Proofreading, formatting, cover design, eBook, print-on-demand, and much more in one exclusive bundle


Proofreading, formatting, cover design, eBook, print-on-demand, and much more in one exclusive bundle

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  • Proofreading
  • Cover design
  • Formatting
  • Print on demand
  • eBook
  • Distribution over 100+ channels

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What our clients say about us

J. China

“Thank you for the professional guidance and hand in hand accompanying, in every field.”

It is not easy to publish a book for the first time; what do you do first and comes after that? And what is a page layout and or the last copy before print? And how is it possible to do all this on an impossible schedule? The first and perhaps most important step is to find the right professionals to lead and accompany you through the process; I am glad I found – you. And now I can breathe, lean back, and plan my next book; it’s time to say thank you. Thank you for meeting a tight schedule and a joint race against the hands of the time. Thank you for the professional guidance and hand in hand accompanying, in every field, from the excellent linguistic editing, through the meticulous work of graphics and layout to the last detail, printing and shipping. Thank you for your patience, listening, flexibility, and effort, and of course, thank you for maintaining your kindness and smile even in moments of stress. Thank you for the whole process, and most of all, thank you for the proud quality result; cheers for the following books; we will be happy to cooperate in the future.

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Orit Reda

Always available, always resolving, always encouraging and accepting, I am proud to have published my first book with them.”

I met the owner “by chance”, as I learned that there are no coincidences in the world. One day I gathered my courage, called him, and told him that I had an idea for a book/diary. He said “yes”, then “sure”, and then “clear”, and we got to work. The process was wonderful. The staff accompanied me with love, patience, and professionalism. Always available, always resolving, always encouraging, and accepting. I’m proud to have published my first book with them. I’m sure we’ll continue the journey that has just begun together. I’m certain it’s a home for young writers.

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Rita Rochelle

“Luckily, I met the owner. I felt that in his hands, my book did matter.”

After a few places I checked and did not like, I thought of giving up on publishing my book. Luckily, I met the company behind Booxai. I felt that here my book is important! And I was right. I can sum up my process here as special, amazing, and very fertile. Good people with a lot of knowledge and ability. I highly recommend publishing books with them.

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Anna Ryavtsev

“The company behind Booxai accompanied me through this amazing process and made sure everything came out on the best side”

The process of publishing a book is a complex process, and you have to think about all the details – from the wording of the text to the graphic design that will fit exactly to the nature of the book. The company behind Booxai accompanied me through this amazing process and made sure everything turned out for the best. And in the end, I got an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G book! Lots and lots of thanks to you! With great love, Anna.

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Noa Friedman

“Thank you for allowing my vision to come true.”

In Booxai I received the support and guidance for every need that arose along the way. Starting with a perfect and patient binding layout and design to insist on every little detail and matching the exact hue to the illustrations’ background to the approvals and ending with great ideas for product marketing. Thank you for allowing my vision to come to true 🙂 Noa

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N. Steinberg

“I just want to thank the good fortune that smiled on me for coming to Booxai.”

I want to share my experience of working together with Booxai. It was amazing. Admittedly this is my first book, and I have no experience, but precisely because of that, I just want to thank the good fortune that smiled on me for coming to Booxai. So here it is: The patience to answer all my snooty, weird, and inexperienced questions was amazing. The availability completely surprised me. And the work on everything, even if it was back on the process for fixing a dot or comma or half a millimeter, was amazing. For someone who asks himself if it’s worth working with Booxai – yes, it’s worth it. From my familiarity with their work, you will not be disappointed. These things come from my heart. I was very surprised and totally for the best. Thanks for the quick work and patience and, of course, for the result.

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  • No. Your manuscripts will be manually processed by our professionals. We do utilize cutting-edge AI technologies, which simplify all production processes and reduce your publishing expenses significantly.
  • The process can take up to 30 days, but we are currently working on optimizing our technology and aim to reduce our process time to just 7 days.
  • We can only support English for the time being, but we are working hard on adding more languages very soon!
  • You will get an eBook copy of your book, as well as a ‘print on demand’ option, but a hard copy alternative is not yet available.
  • Here at BooxAI, we believe that each author deserves the highest royalties for their hard work. Our authors are guaranteed to receive 70% of all sales revenue, while we claim only 30% of net income. Following your book launch, we generate a sales report for each quarter of book sales and share it with you. All official payouts are then transferred via bank wire or PayPal. As simple as that!
  • We support text-only manuscripts for the time being, but we are confident that we’ll be able to support other book formats very soon.
  • We offer a full, 30-day money-back guarantee.

Join hundreds of authors worldwide who enjoy all the benefits of publishing their book with none of the stress of production

As promised, the whole process was smooth and simple.
Booxai’s services have proven themselves as capable of performing work at an extremely high level. It has been a pleasure working with the whole team. Always positive, always “can-do” attitude”


Shlomo Reisman, co-author of Entebbe Declassified

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Founder's note

“10 years ago, while studying for a master’s in engineering, I published my first book. The whole experience led me to establish the biggest publishing house in Israel, which has since expanded, serving customers all over the world.

Only a small percentage of people who have the desire to write a book will ever move forward and get it published. My goal is to simplify the publishing process to allow every person to make their own mark on the world by publishing a book.

That’s why we started BooxAI – to allow anyone to publish and distribute their books worldwide in record time, and at a fraction of the cost.

In the last 8 years, we’ve helped over 3,000 satisfied authors achieve their lifelong desire. I’m inviting you to give it a try.”

Yehuda Niv
Yehuda Niv
CEO & Founder @ BooxAi