A Guide to Intellectual Property: Frequently Asked Questions

You may be surprised to know that once you have written even just a portion of your book, your book is automatically copyrighted – that means, you have full ownership of your book, which grants you the exclusive right to reproduce the work, prepare derivative works, distribute copies for sale or trade (or even transfer […]

BOOXAI vs BookBaby: Who Should You Publish With?

If you are currently on the self-publishing journey, you have probably researched the main competitors dominating the market (BookBaby, IngramSpark, etc.). While there are a wealth of options sprouting up on the internet, these companies are not all created equal. Most smaller companies can only provide services for authors who have ready-to-publish work, or charge […]

Important Issues Regarding Intellectual Property Around Publishing a Book

A book is your intellectual property. As authors, it’s crucial to never neglect authorship protection and copyright problems that may arise. But where do you begin? The Internet always seems so fraught with copyright issues that no one knows where to start. For a comprehensive crash course about intellectual property, copyright owners, and challenges you […]